Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Fashion and Films

Two of the greatest joys in life Fashion and Film. When combined together they achieve an amazing innovative vision. Much of what is seen on the catwalks nowadays are in fact repetitive, just like films which are constantly recreated through different times, to different audiences and also different viewpoints. The greatest designers now all have taken inspiration from films.

The little black dress as seen in Breakfast At Tiffany's on Audrey Hepburn is absolutely iconic and has been used throughout time in countless catwalks in diverse ways.

This solely illustrates class, glamour in abundance and is a brilliant film.

The Notebook (2004) - This is clearly a 1940's tributed film with clothes that showcase this fashion driven era. A feminine and glamourous movie........

Fashion inspiration: The Notebook

Marie Antoinette (2006) - A very flamboyant style choice and is overflowing with fashion at its strongest with wigs, bows, ruffles and masks, a dream visual.

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